Zainab Ahmad – Dr. Valliant | NRB 229, ext. 22918

Synthesis and evaluation radiolabeled tetrazines for radioimaging and radiotherapy using pre-targeting and bioorthogonal chemistry


Sandi Azab – Dr. Britz-McKibbin   |   ABB 205W, ext. 26337

Deciphering the metabolic signatures of the metabolic syndrome in young children


Mouhanad Babi – Dr. Moran-Mirabal   |   ABB 331/358, ext.

The characterization of cellulose structure and depolymerization using super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Madison Bell

Madison Bell – Dr. Brennan  | ETB 418

Roger Bialy

Roger Bialy – Dr. Brennan   |   ETB 418

Holly Bilton

Holly Bilton – Dr. Valliant   |   NRB 229, ext. 22918

Carla Brown

Carla Brown – Dr. McNulty   |   ABB 467E/W, ext. 26336

Synthesis of novel heterocyclic small molecules with anti-infective activity

Carmen C. photo

Carmen Carrasquilla – Dr. Brennan   |   ABB A101/A102B, ext. 27715

Developing platforms for solid-phase bioaffinity assays using nucleic acid aptamers


Vi Dang – Dr. Werstuck   |  David Braley Research Institute – Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis Research Institute (TaARI)

Comprehensive metabolomic analyses of diabetic atherosclerosis in mouse models and human patients



Monica De Paoli – Dr. Werstuck  | David Braley Research Institute – Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis Research Institute (TaARI)

Investigating the molecular mechanisms by which sex hormones modulate beta cell health and the progression of hyperglycemia-induced atherosclerosis

Alicia DiBattista photo

Alicia DiBattista – Dr. Britz-McKibbin   |   ABB 205W, ext. 26337

Primary screening for human health initiatives by capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry

Simanga Gama photo

Simanga Gama – Dr. Berti | ABB A201, ext. 27907

Urooj Gill #2

Urooj Gill – Dr. Moran-Mirabal | ABB 331/358, ext.

Studying the mechanical properties of cellulose nanocrystal-based films using buckling mechanics


Aric Huang – Dr. Werstuck | David Braley Research Institute – Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis Research Institute (TaARI)

Christy Hui photo

Christy Hui – Dr. Brennan | ABB A101/A102B, ext. 27715


Vincent Huynh

Vincent Huynh – Dr. Wylie | ABB A102/A, ext. 27715

294-chembio dept-2010

Ashraf Ibrahim – Dr. Capretta | ABB A356B/356A/464, ext. 27652

Emily K

Emily Kapteyn – Dr. Brennan | ETB 418

Developing solid-phase bioaffinity micro columns for mixture screening

Madelaine Leung #2

Madelaine Leung – Dr. Capretta | ETB 418

Developing inhibitors of aminoglycoside-modifying enzymes via parallel synthesis as a means to rescue antibiotic activity


Helen Luu – Dr. Moran-Mirabal/Dr. Bowdish | ABB 331/358, ext.

Liset A.

Liset Maldonado Alvarez – Dr. Bishop | HSC , ext.


Merab Mushfiq – Dr. Valliant | NRB , ext


Zoya Naperstow

Zoya Naperstkow – Dr. Valliant | NRB 227,  ext. 24531

A pretargeting and bioorthogonal approach to imaging biomarkers using 99mTc

Alex Nielsen

Alex Nielsen – Dr. McNulty | ABB 126, ext.

Development of novel wittig and organocatalytic methodologies


Devang Nijsure – Dr. Wylie | ABB 467E/W, ext. 26336

Dynamic ECM mimics for 3D cell culture

Adriana M.

Adriana Nori de Macedo – Dr. Britz-McKibbin | ABB A205W, ext.26337


Anand Patel – Dr. Ayers | ABB 212A, ext. 24162

Development of coarse-grained Monte Carlo methods for protein structure prediction

Elizabeth Salvo

Elizabeth Salvo – Dr. Brennan | ETB 418

Pullulan-encapsulated bacterial biosensors as simple and stable bioassays for analyte detection

Michelle Saoi_Headshot.jpg

Michelle Saoi – Dr. Britz-McKibbin | ABB 205W, ext. 26337

Multiplexed separations for tissue-based metabolomics: modulating metabolic interventions in human health

Sam Slikboer

Samantha Slikboer – Dr. Valliant | NRB 229, ext. 22918

Luminescent chelate complexes of re and their 99m analogues for correlated optical and nuclear molecular imaging

Jennifer Wild

Jennifer Wild – Dr. Britz-McKibbin | ABB A205W, ext.26337

Capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry-based metabolomics for the characterization of electronic cigarette exposure on pregnancy


Michael Wolfe – Dr. Brennan | ETB 418, ext.

Mai Yamamoto

Mai Yamamoto – Dr. Britz-McKibbin | ABB 205W, ext.26337

Human-Microbial Co-metabolism; insights into chronic digestive disorders through metabolomics


Christal Zhou – Dr. Moran-Mirabl/Dr. Stover | ABB A401, ext. 27678

Self-crosslinking structured p(APM-co-AA) films and nanofibers for use as 3D biomimetic scaffolds.