Transfer to Ph.D Program:

Students who have satisfactorily completed the course requirements for the M.Sc. degree and have made satisfactory progress in their research may apply to the Program for transfer to Ph.D studies, without first satisfying the M.Sc. thesis requirement. This is normally done by submission of a report detailing the student’s research progress, projected research goals and successful completion of an oral examination.

Ph.D Comprehensive Examination:

The Comprehensive Examination will consist of a written research proposal on a topic that is directly related to the student’s research. Students will normally take the Comprehensive Examination in February after transferring into the Ph.D. program. In all cases the first attempt must be completed within twenty-four months of a student registering in the Ph.D. program.

A single examination topic will be selected and approved by all faculty members on the student’s supervisory committee. For each student, an examining committee normally consisting of the supervisory committee and one other faculty member, in the student’s discipline if possible, will be assigned. The written document must contain a critical review of the literature, including a good explanation of the topic in terms of basic Chemical Biology principles and a related research proposal which is a key and important component of the document.