Current minimum levels of support are $24,770 for M.Sc. and $26,270 for Ph.D. students. Many of our students secure scholarships from Provincial or Federal granting agencies including in particular the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, National Science and Engineering Research Council and Ontario Graduate Scholarships.

The graduate stipend is designed to cover the costs of tuition and living expenses.

With the relatively low cost of living in the area surrounding the university, students can expect to live comfortably on their stipend alone.

All students who are accepted into the Chemical Biology graduate program are awarded a graduate stipend. Full-time graduate students receive financial support in the form of a Teaching Assistantship plus a Graduate Scholarship.

The Program also awards annually a number of scholarships in addition to regular Graduate Scholarships. These take the form of Entrance Scholarships to highly qualified incoming students, and in-course Scholarships for outstanding performance in our graduate programs. All incoming students are automatically considered for an entrance scholarship at the time of application.

Graduate students with the proper qualifications are also encouraged to apply for major scholarships awarded at the national (NSERC) and provincial (OGS) level. More information about these external scholarships is available from the School of Graduate Studies.


The tuition fees for graduate study at McMaster University are currently $7,008.00 per year for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Tuition for visa students is $16,761.00 per year.


We are committed to recruiting the most qualified students to our graduate programs. As an incentive, we offer entrance scholarships over and above our normal graduate stipends to students who have first class honours from their undergraduate work or who have external graduate awards at the time of registration. These awards are as follows: