Chemical Biology at McMaster Focus Areas

While the Chemical Biology graduate program at McMaster offers a wide variety of research themes and projects, the three main focus areas include:



“Developing new synthetic methods and technology-based platforms that facilitate the preparation and discovery of novel molecular imaging probes.”

For more information see:

NSERC CREATE program in Molecular Imaging Probes (cMIP)

Centre for Probe Development and Commercialization (CPDC)

Associated Faculty:Berti, Capretta, Fradin, Moran-Mirabal, Truant, Valliant, Wylie



“A post-antibiotic era – in which common infections and minor injuries can kill – far from being an apocalyptic fantasy, is instead a very real possibility for the 21st Century.” – World Health Organization

For more information see:

Institute for Infectious Diseases Research

Centre for Microbial Chemical Biology

Associated Faculty: Andres, Berti, Bishop, Brown, Burrows, Coombes, Elliot, Finan, McNulty, Magarvey, Whitney, Wright



“Understanding and exploiting the phenomena at the place materials meet biology”

For more information see:

NSERC CREATE program Biointerfaces Training Program (cBTP)

Biointerfaces Institute

Associated Faculty:  Brennan, Brook, FilipeMoran-Mirabal, PeltonSheardown, Wylie