The Chemical Biology Program offers a number of unique courses that are designed to foster interdisciplinary and independent learning. All courses will be taught in the inquiry style, and will focus heavily on examination of the current literature at the interface of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology. All courses will be administered by a minimum of two faculty members from different departments involved in the program in an effort to provide complementary viewpoints on a given topic.

The Chemical Biology Program offers graduate courses in the form of both “courses” (which are the formal equivalent of one-half of a full graduate course) and “modules” (which are the formal equivalent of one-quarter of a full graduate course). 600-level half courses are also available for credit, at the M.Sc. level only and with approval from the Program Director, to a maximum of one half course (equivalent to two module credits).

Note that all students outside the program may take the Chemical Biology courses listed below with the permission of the instructor.

Relevant offerings from affiliated departments: